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The New FIIT Planner

The New FIIT planner

The FIIT planner training guide for men and women designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and plan your day to day.

With a unique combination diary training planner, goal planners, food and exercise journal and inspiration for staying motivated, this journal becomes your very own personal trainer.


The daily pages will guide you, motivate you and create healthy habits through daily steps of training, diet and food journaling, fitness routines, stretching, health tips and self-awareness. The weekly and monthly check-ins keep you committed, accountable and motivated. With a review to celebrate your progress, each stage lays the foundation for achieving your health & fitness goals, reaching your potential and creating a fiit, healthy body.



You will love the bold, classy design of this full-colour training journal and be inspired to use it daily. Why wait for January 1st to start achieving your goals when you can start today? Warning Expect massive healthy mind and body transformations from using this journal


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