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Make It Your Mission To Get FIIT

Make it your mission to get FIIT

A third of the UK stick to new year resolutions and 70% feel like a failure also known as ‘new year syndrome’.

I have a resolution for you all!

January marks the time when we forget the past and concentrate on the future, when we start our new daily journal and set dates and goals for what we want to achieve.

I get so many comments such as how do you do it? How do you manage to squeeze in a workout with such a busy lifestyle? Questions asking what is the right thing to eat or what exercise is the best to lose weight? I answer these questions knowing that each person is individual and I cater these answers to suit each individual.

My question to you is what will it take to get you fiit? There are 365 days a year. Make sure each day you make a positive change to being a better and more confident you.

If we all spent the same amount of time putting in the effort to make time we wouldn’t need to ask these questions.

This month, do it! Get fiit! Even if it’s just for those 5 minutes it takes you to question yourself when you comment on what you can do to get in shape. Fiitstyle wants you to learn the exercises, make a fiit meal and be confident in yourself. Fiitstyle offers a 12 minute workout but don’t see this as set in stone. Build up to this goal, each time you workout, add an extra minute. There’s no right or wrong. The fact you’ve started is an achievement in itself.

All of this prepares you to be a better you. The best way to get 2018 kicked off is to be your own competition. Set your goals and accomplish them, defy your limits then repeat the next day.

We are all guilty of my making excuses. But what’s yours? Make it your mission to get fiit.