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What Im Excited For In 2018

What Im excited for in 2018

It has been a fantastic year and here at Fiitstyle and we want to make the next year even better! I am officially done speaking for 2017 but wanted to give you a quick update about some events I am really excited about in the New Year.

#1 FIIT plan

Get FIIT in the New Year with the 28 day FIIT plan!

FIIT plan is an online food and exercise plan which is designed to transform your body and mind set to deliver life-changing results that last. The plan tailors to your fitness goals and dietary needs and has fully photographed recipes and instructions on how to create these delicious, healthy meals. At the end of the 28 days you have the option to extend your plan.


“This demonstrates with a balance of good quality food and exercise, the results are for us all to see. I have shown a real determination with the workouts. I have loved the plan and the meals although it has been hard at times but it has been worth every minute. I love my results, I feel healthier and happier.” – Hayley Jade.

Who is this programme for?

Our combination of fun, intensity exercise, individual nutrition and training (FIIT) lifestyle. My guidance and unrivalled support and accountability means everyone can achieve great results on this programme, whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned gym professional whose results have plateaued. Focus on yourself for once! Kick off your 2018 by achieving the results you always wanted.


#2 FIIT planner

Set yourself up for success with your health and fitness goals in the New Year! Check out our brand new FIIT planners, which can be used to help track your workouts and diet every day. This planner/diary is so versatile we hope that it will help you stay focused, achieve your goals and carry out your day-to-day tasks.


#3 New clothing range

Shop the most up-to-date collections of clothing and accessories! Our latest FIITness Fashion is on its way, from leggings to active tops. Keep your eyes peeled!


#4 FIIT Fest

This year we aim to start FIIT FEST. An outdoor fitness festival, mindfulness camp and yoga festival hosted by a number of fitness instructors from outdoor spin to lamb yoga!


#5 Fiitstyle football academy

Improve your kids football skills with Fiitstyle advanced coaching for players!

Coming soon FIITSTYLE football academy. Fiitstyle is looking to start weekly coaching sessions based at De LaceyKnottingley for players looking to develop their game and to create strong links to local clubs. This will be additional advanced coaching for boys and girls who may be attached to clubs or for players who are looking to improve and join a club. The aim will be to build from under 5’s and onwards.


#6 Training with friends

This will feature Kris training with friends for a variety of different sports and different ways to train.


Have a great New Year