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Gym Confidence

Gym Confidence

Gyms can be intimidating, especially if you are new. Cue flashbacks of the first day of school, you think everyone already knows each other and you just wont fit in… well, that simply isn’t true! Gyms are great places and if you pick the right one, they can really boost you on your fitness journey.

Below I explain my top reasons to love the gym and feel confident whenever you go.

A positive place

Just think about it, gyms are probably the most positive places in the world. Where else would you find a room full of people taking positive action to better themselves?! Whether it is your first day and you feel over weight and self conscious, or your a seasoned pro, everyone there is on their own journey and should be applauded for trying. Feed off that positive energy and be empowered by others rather than intimidated.

The clothes maketh the man and woman

As with most things in life, if you are dressed the part you will feel the part. Treating yourself to a kickass gym wardrobe will make you look good and that will boost your confidence, especially in a room of people that you don’t know. Black is always flattering and won’t show sweat after a hard workout, whilst bright colours and patterns will energise you.

Nobody cares

In the nicest possible way, nobody cares about you in the gym… that is to say that everyone there is focussed on their own workout and chances are they don’t have the time or inclination to judge what you are up to. Don’t sweat the small stuff, focus on you and what you are doing. Focus on your movements, technique and feeling the burn.

Knowledge is power

There is nothing worse than going into a gym without a plan and not knowing how to do it! The internet is a wonderful place full of videos and tutorials of how to correctly do exercises. A personal trainer or workout programme created by a professional can also give you the confidence, knowing that every exercise and movement is being done correctly and is designed to help you hit your goals.

Finally, just have FUN! A gym is a great place to be, so enjoy it!

Do you have any tips for feeling confident in the gym? Share them below!

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