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Get Office FIIT

Get Office FIIT

With xmas over and many of us falling back into routine might mean less physical activity and more sitting down.

My top FIIT tips to incorporate Health and FIITness into the office :

#1.Walk as much as possible through the work day. Park far from the office entrance. Take laps in the office or a walk during lunch.

#2.Take a few moments to perform stretches you can do in the office. Through your work day try doing some stretches for your whole body from neck rolls to ankle rolls.

#3.Body weight exercises can also be easily performed in the office including calf raises and lunges.

#4.Pack your lunch with healthy options.

Fiitstyle is looking to collaborate with teams and organisations and give team exclusive discount to FIITSTYLE healthy eating fitness plan and clothing.

As part as your health benefit package Fiitstyle can contribute to your health and fitness.