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Key Features

Instantly generated, 28-day long fitness and nutrition plan

Tailored to your fitness goals and dietary requirements

Fully photographed recipes and instructions on how to create beautiful, healthy meals

Custom, fun workouts to suit your goals

Expert photos and videos demonstrating exercise routines

Healthy recipes designed to help you take the thinking out of “what to eat today”

Access your plan on your iPhone, computer, or download the whole calendar straight into your phone for easy reminders

Start your 28-day plan for £27.99 now

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Fiitness That Works

Kris – “This demonstrates with a balance of good quality food and exercise the results are for us all to see.”

I have shown a real determination with the workouts. I have loved the plan and the meals although it has been hard work at times but It has been worth every minute. I love my results, I feel healthier and happier. – Hayley Jade

You will love how easy the Fiit Plan integrates into your routine, helping you make small but manageable changes that can have a really big impact your health and well-being.

Custom Recipes

Your Fiit Plan comes with custom recipes so you dont have to think about what to eat as all your meals will be planned out for you, based on your goals and what you are looking to achieve

Easy to make and super tasty, from snacks to evening meals take the guess work out of your diet and let the Fiit Plan do the thinking for you.

 You will receive a completely personalised plan designed just for you by Kris, this means you are not buying another recipe book or a generic package of exercise routines but something that will work for you. The Fiit Plan will work with your lifestyle and improve not only your health and fitness but your whole out look on living a healthy lifestyle.