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Will 28 days really be enough for me to see change?

You’ll be surprised by how many changes you will see happening in the first 7 days. If you are really committed to the plan and follow the easy steps by simply making changes to your diet and active life, 28 days really can be enough.
With motivation and my guidance and expertise, you can make a massive difference to your life. I want you to make the most of the 28 days as well as make the experience of Fiitstyle a fun but challenging one!

What kind of exercises are involved in the plan?

There are no specific exercises in the plan. The plan is long term and one of the main purposes is to get people active. I cannot give you individual exercises just a weekly plan of when to run or walk long distance and when to do Fiit sessions for example. I will be offering videos of exercises, but all exercises are fun and target all the areas of the body. You can check out my Instagram page for workouts and Facebook for live sessions.

Do I need to be a good chef to create the meals on the plan?

Not at all! The plan is designed to be fun, stress free and easy – anyone can cook the meals. There are no hidden ingredients and all the foods will be familiarĀ and not exotic or complicated.

What happens at the end of the 28 day plan?

At the end of the plan, it is up to you whether or not you want to continue for another 28 days or sign up for a 3 month plan if you enjoyed it. If you have signed up for a 28 day plan for an occasion or just to detox thenĀ it will come to an end. But I hope you will want to carry on keeping it Fiitstyle.

Do I get one-on-one sessions as part of the plan?

I don’t offer one-on-one training but what I am offering is a specially designed tailored plan to follow at home or at the gym or even your living room! I am always on hand via email or social media for guidance and tips on what to do on days the client may be struggling or to offer some motivation. I am even on hand to provide recipe ideas or answer any queries related to exercises. You will receive a daily motivational email as part of the plan. And obviously everyone can purchase the merchandise to fit in with the workout!