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Crush Your Cravings

Crush your cravings

Oh cravings, you crafty little things, trying to tell us what we want and not what we need. We all know when the cravings strike, so why can’t we manage them and avoid the junk food that we definitely don’t need?

I have rounded up my top tips for crushing those pesky cravings and keeping you on the healthy eating wagon.

Remove temptation

We have all experienced cravings, so what should you do when they come calling? Well, many of us cave and indulge in whatever our vice may be, but one sure way of beating that craving is removing temptation. Go through your cupboards and fridge, removing all the naughty snacks, giving them away to friends or throwing them away. Remove the bad stuff and there is nothing to trip you up. This also applies to shopping and simply not buying junk. Make your home a safe zone, free from temptation. You will find that soon, your craving will disappear and be replaced with a real sense of satisfaction or even smugness!

Eat less junk

The more junk you eat the more you crave it. So to avoid cravings, it is best to cut out or drastically reduce the junk. After removing the sugary foods, your tongue adapts to find the sweetness in the best things like fruit, that you previously might find bland. Soon you forget about the naughty foods and learn to understand when you are actually hungry and what your body needs.

Know your triggers

For some people stress is the biggest trigger when it comes to caving in and indulging cravings. So it is important to know your triggers for stress and recognise when you are only craving junk as a comfort, rather than something that your body wants and needs. Being aware of how you feel and that food won’t fix your emotional needs is an essential for your mental and physical health.

Be prepared

We all get hungry and that is ok, the key is to have healthy snacks ready to go when you get a hankering for a snack. Convenience is the number one barrier to many people eating a healthy diet, so ensure you have plenty of pre-prepared foods such as nuts, seeds and fruit, all portioned into snack sizes, easy to take on the go or enjoy at home.

How do you curb your cravings? Comment below with your tips and any healthy alternatives.

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